Comanche and the Mex GirlComanche and the Mex Girl

ISBN – 13:9871625262318
Solstice Publishing

It’s 1878. Fort Richardson closes. Laundress Elena Wade, Mexican/Anglo, 16, seizes the moment. She steals gold coins, lifts a Colt from the Supply Room, buys a horse and heads for the Chisholm Trail in search of the American father she has never known. Matters need to be settled.

Comanche renegade, Nakiguaht, 17, is on the Chisholm Trail looking for ponies, good medicine for his father pining away on the reservation. When their paths cross on the trail Elena has no choice but to join forces with him to combat bandits, a stampede and a posse but soon their past bites back. They take refuge in the Territory. Arrested by a patrol it will take more than a feisty Mexican/Anglo and a clever Comanche to escape jail time and a hanging.

The Mouse Trap CaperThe Mouse Trap Caper

Whiskey Creek Press

Nicknamed "Mouse", Kerri Hill, Christian School teacher, moonlights as a barrel racer, resides in lower, slower Delaware. After a rodeo accident takes the life of her friend, Kenny Prescott, she goes on a mission to console his brother, Mark. Kenny would've wanted her to. Falling in love was not part of her plan. Kenny's last conversation with Mark was something about a mouse. Preoccupied, Mark assumes he meant Kerri was his significant other and vows to protect her from the brewing danger on the circuit. Not only does he harbor a guilty conscience over his brother's death, now he has to watch his growing attraction to "Mouse." When the threats take an ugly turn, traps are set, but is it Mark's heart that gets caught?

Green LuckGreen Luck

ISBN# 978-0-8034-9985-0
Avalon Books

Alfred McDonnell and Cora Stuart, equestrian icons, decide to hang up their spurs with a showdown. Alfred, to keep Cora guessing, has kept his rider, Terri Page, the horse, Green Luck, under wraps. Tight wraps. So when Alfred asks Robert Bromwell, a well-know vet, to haul his horse and rider from CA to TX, site of the event, Robert jokingly offers to wear a disguise. Alfred takes him up on it. What Robert didn't factor in was Terri, plagued by an experience, a stickler for the truth, capturing his heart and now the illustrious DMV, alias Clay Moore, is headed for a showdown of his own.

Last Man PaysLast Man Pays

Saga Books

The ballad of Diego Sanchez begins the night he stood for the right and killed an Anglos on the bloody border. Due to the turmoil after the Mexican War a fair trial is out of the question. He’d be lynched before it ever took place. Fording the Rio Bravo to safety in Mexico won’t be easy. Not when a posse, Rangers, bloodhounds and two hombres with an agenda of their own are not in the mood to give up. But Diego Sanchez, champion vaquero, has a few tricks up his sleeve. . .tricks mixed with tragedy  and vocalized  around campfires on both sides of the border.


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